Bad Boys Bail Bonds



Our Mission

If you come down to our offices and talk to us

honestly and frankly

about your situation ... and tell us the truth

we will work with you.

We make some bonds that many other companies

won't even consider,

because each person and each situation is different.

We are willing to take the time

on "difficult" or "un-doable" bonds

to sit down and talk it out with you,

and help come up with "creative" solutions.


Especially if you're from here.

Basically if we can't do it, it probably can't get done.
So, come see us ... we've been on the  same street
since 1990.
We are family.  We are friendly ...
and there are 21 of us to get the job done.

713 Bad-Boys

713 224-9600





Bonding License Number 74336

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